St. John Baptist Church - Tuscaloosa, AL

St. John Baptist Church - Tuscaloosa, AL


St. John Baptist Church Events

Graduates of 2024

Fornt row pictured right to left: Ashley Martin, Lauren E. Ford

Back row pictured right to left: Adrien Thompson, Kelsey Alexandria White, April Nelson-Croom

Not pictured: Te'Shaun Banks, Anndrela Woods

GirlRise - February 

GirlRise mentoring program - Unlocking your potential: Dive into the power of imagery with our personalized vision board workshop, empowering your dreams one image at a time!

GirlRise - January 

Empowering Her Potential Program, with Dr. Erica Sheffield 

The start of a beautiful journey! The children are OUR future!

2023 West Alabama Christmas Parade

St. John Baptist Church on the hometown Christmas floats in the West Alabama Christmas Parade.  The Largest Parade in the state of Alabama.

Fall Festival Community Impact

St. John Baptist Church community impact day aimed to fostering positive interactions between the church and the local community.  It serves as a means of outreach, community engagement, and relationship building. 

A key element of the community’s impact day is to provide an opportunity for the community to learn about the different ministries and services offered by the church.  St. John Baptist Church community impact day strives to create a warm, fun, and inviting atmosphere for families to enhance the sense of community togetherness.

Festival Refreshments

Festival Refreshments

Homecoming 2023

Honoring our Lord and Savior
Uplifted, consoled, forgiven and protected
Remembering as we celebrate and give thanks
Chronicling another anniversary as a church family, Held together as a congregation in the palm of His hand

Homecoming Dinner Tables

The culinary department prepared and set up tables to partake in homecoming dinner.

October Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Here at St. John we promote and create awareness throughout the month of October for breast cancer, so we can continue to move forward with being informed and taking the necessary steps to help prevent breast cancer.